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A Message

Experience healing through the extracts of beautiful flowers and plants from around the globe contained in a single cup of organic herbal tea. Even the process of boiling water and waiting for the compounds to be extracted of the herb is a time we can enjoy. I believe that teatime deepens the connection with oneself and others and gives us a little happiness in everyday life. I hope that you can spend that precious teatime surrounded by the floral scent of WHITETREE’s organic herbal tea.

Founder of WHITETREE, Megumi Florence

A story of discovery in the midst of finding balance. After graduating from the prestigious design school Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Megumi worked tirelessly everyday as a designer and had a poor work-life balance. When her own physical condition began to decline due to this, she started becoming interested in herbs as a way to improve her body condition.

Through her study of herbs, she rediscovered the importance of setting aside time for yourself to care for your own mind and body. Having personally experienced how herbs provide support for our bodies by bringing the blessings of nature into our bodies, she began creating her own herbal soaps and candles. After moving to Southeast Asia, Megumi received many requests from a wellness consultant in Singapore and eventually established her own company in Singapore in 2014, WHITETREE HEALTH AND BEAUTY.

Since then, WHITETREE has entered into many official partnerships with wellness-centred products and products that support prenatal and postnatal mothers as its main focus. Official partners include The Kahala Hotel in Hawaii, Capella Hotel Singapore and Bangkok, and many major hospitals in Singapore such as Raffles Hospital and Thomson Medical Centre.

Even now, WHITETREE continues to grow as a global brand with its products well loved in over 5 different countries.