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How WHITETREE Lactation Tea works? Try Free sample

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How WHITETREE Lactation Tea works?

Before drink 450ml  → After drink , It's going to around 1000ml 
Better sleep & health for your baby ♡



 Reasons on how our Lactation Tea
will benefit you


1. A blend of 7 Herbs that are effective in increasing breastfeeding

What's inside

- Fenugreek
  The most popular herb for increasing breast milk supply
- Fennel
  Supports the digestive system, activating the breastfeeding effect and increasing breast milk supply 
- Nettle 
  Allergy mitigation, rich in vitamins and minerals and used for prenatal and postnatal nutrition since ancient times
- Raspberry Leaf
  Postpartum recovery, reduction of menstrual cramps and PMS
- Honeybush
  Balances women's hormones. Anti-Aging
- Calendula
 Restorative effect on post-partum damaged skin, mucous membranes, and blood vessels
- Rose Red
  Balances women's hormones and reduces stress

2. Balance Women's hormone

To increase breast milk supply it is important to balance the female hormones. WHITETREE’s Nursing Mother Blend is a synergistic effect ;  blended with herbs that are effective in promoting lactation such as raspberry leaf, rose red and honey bush. These are effective in balancing women’s hormones. In addition, Nursing Mother Blend is also recommended for women who suffer from hair loss before and after giving birth.  


3. Postpartum maternal recovery

Raspberry leaf is a famous herb that supports easy delivery and maternal recovery. Mothers who recovered quickly have energy that is then devoted to making breast milk. Raspberry leaf has function of promoting lactation. It is also recommended to continue drinking after finishing the lactation period to reduce menstrual cramps or PMS after breastfeeding.


4. Bust up

After six months of giving birth, do you feel your breast have decreased in size? In addition to its function to promote the amount of breast milk, Fenugreek is famous herb that supports bust size. Aside from balancing the female hormones, continuing to drink even after breastfeeding is also good for bust enhancement and anti-aging. 

4. Taste

If you unlike  other herbal tea for breastfeeding, WHITETREE’s Nursing Mother Blend has a unique blend of floral and raspberry leaves that tastes better than other.



Best seller

Nursing Mother Blend


for Breast feeder / Post-delivery / Bust up / Anti-aging / Woman's hormone balance

Fenugreek, widely used by British herbalists, is said to be highly effective in increasing bust size.Together with honey bush's anti-aging care and fennel, this blend is particularly recommended for nursing mothers. Customers of this blend often tell us that their breastfeeding children begin to sleep easier and that the tension in their chests goes away. 




How to Get 

1.  Add "THE NURSING MOTHER BLEND ( TRIAL 2DAYS PACK )" into your cart
2.  Key in  Coupon code [ WTNM202006 ]  *Until The end of June 2020
3.  Complete order & You will receive conformation by Email
4.  You will recive it by standard mail 

Customer voice

“Maternity nurse recommended this and started drinking it. My breast milk has pumped a lot more than my first child”
“I see a big change only after 3 days and it increases breast milk”
“I like aroma of honey bush and all my family members like it”
“I bought it for 3 months to raise my baby only with breast milk. I would like to continue since it tastes good as well”
“I have tried other nursing tea before, but it tasted bad. This nursing blend tastes really good and I can see the result of bust up!”

How to drink &  point 

❏  1 teabag for 2 - 3 cups ( around 500ml to 750ml )
❏ Please ensure to make it with boiling water.
❏The extraction rate is highest at first use so when making more that 2-3 cups, please use a kettle or tumbler and add the equivalent for the number of cups you were making.
❏ After cooling, you can put in the refrigerator and enjoy as a cold drink.
❏ The best time to enjoy the tea is one or two hour before breastfeeding.


❏ What time should I drink it ?
  >>  The best time to drink it is one to two hours before breastfeeding, but you can drink it anytime
because it is soothing and decaffeinated.
When can I start to drink ?
>> You can start drinking it after delivery. Some hospitals are using this tea.
How long can I keep ?
  >>If you keep it warm , Please enjoy it during the day .
  >>If you keep it
in the refrigerator, you can enjoy two days. 
Can I drink another tea during the same day ?
  >>Yes !  Recommend that you shift the timing of drinking, except breastfeeding time.
How long should I drink to see result? 

   >>That depends on the individual, but we recommend to continue drinking for at least 2 weeks to see optimum results. 
I don't like / I’m not suited of Fenugreek. Is there any other option ? 
   >>Yes, there are options. Some people doesn’t seem to like, or are simply suited of Fenugreek. We recommend " Beauty Blend " which will support both an increase of mother’s milk and also
the female hormone balance.