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A New Way to Start Your Day

[Achieving sustainable well-being]

Choosing herbal blend tea as a new option to conventional coffee as a caffeine source.

There are pros and cons in a coffee that contains roughly 50mg of caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which causes the feeling of alertness from cardiotonic effect.

However, research suggests that caffeine also stimulates the digestive system, that may cause diarrhoea, nauseousness, and even the increased risk of high blood pressure.

WHITETREE tea blends use medicinal herbs that are caffeine-free, and presents several positive effects such as: relaxing, detoxing, increase in concentration, aids in digestion, reduces stress, and improves the autonomic nervous system.

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing today by treating yourself the right blend for your needs from our wide range of selections.