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Ingredients That Are Good for the Body

High quality raw ingredients that are sourced from various parts of the world.

Each component of the herbal tea is carefully selected, and the herbs are cut to the precision of millimetres.

All raw ingredients used in the blends are USDA organic or JAS certified.

We Care for the Environment

We are dedicated to using biodegradable materials for our products – teabags, strings and tags used for our products are environmentally friendly.

Connection to Well-Being

From production to customers, we want to bring smiles to everyone who is a part of WHITETREE.

We also place emphasis in welfare facilities and creating work opportunities.

Cooperation with the Farming Industry

Reutilization of fallow fields in Japan and adopting pesticides-free cultivation technology that is widely known for in Saitama prefecture (Ogawa Town) to produce the herbs.

We want to bring the world high quality & pesticides-free herbs.

Eliminating Disparities from the World

We believe in obtaining raw ingredients from around the world through fair trade by setting out pertinent remunerations.