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Lypo-C - The Latest Hype in Japan!

Everyone's favourite Vitamin C supplement.

The Latest Hype in Japan!

Recently everyone young and old in Japan is talking about Lypo-C. Japanese housewives are finding it a great way of keeping good health and staying beautiful, with even famous Japanese models recommending it. Not only is it convenient and simple to consume, Lypo-C is just way more efficient than other standard Vitamin C supplements in providing Vitamin C.


Many magazines can be seen hopping on to the trend quickly, featuring Lypo-C alongside with other beauty products and supplements. Vitamin C is actually immensely beneficial as a beauty supplement, especially for taking care of your skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin C is an antioxidant with a vital role in synthesizing collagen, and that Vitamin C can prevent and repair damage caused by UV rays to your skin. 


Why Lypo-C?

  • Immense health benefits
    • Vitamin C is great for beauty, especially for improving skin tone and looking younger, protecting the skin from damage and boosting skin cells' regenerative ability.
    • Vitamin C helps to combat a variety of illnesses such as allergies, anemia, and even cancer.
    • Vitamin C improves immunity, makes you feel more energized throughout the day, and helps you get better sleep.


  • Unrivaled efficiency (98% versus 5.4%)
    • Studies show that for standard Vitamin C supplements, only 5.4% of Vitamin C ingested makes it through both the intestinal wall and cell membrane, which is only 54mg if 1000mg is consumed.
    • On the other hand, liposomal technology facilitates absorption and osmosis across the cell membrane, allowing 98% of Vitamin C ingested to reach your cells.
    • This means that for Lypo-C, 1 packet provides 980mg of Vitamin C, equivalent to 8 concentrated Vitamin C IV packets.


  • Easy to drink
    • Since the Vitamin C is encased within liposomes, there will be no side effects on your digestive system even if 3000mg is ingested.
    • You can let it dissolve in carbonated drinks, water, tomato juice, and the like, before drinking it.
    • Lypo-C dissolves and becomes evenly distributed throughout liquids very quickly, making it suitable to consume with a wide range of beverages.


Now comes with new packaging!

The standard box of Lypo-C comes with 30 packets ($130), but with the new flip cover packaging, you can get 11 packets for just $50.


Get yours here.