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Embrace each day with renewed energy and a sense of balance
An invigorating blend of lemongrass and ginger that work together to aid digestion, promoting comfort after meals and a sense of balance throughout the day. Echinacea that is known to help fortify the immune system paired with Siberian ginseng that is known to maintain energy levels and enhance resilience to stress and fatigue. Wellness tea blended with certified organic ingredients only.

Tasting notes
spicy, herbaceous

Organic herbs
Siberian ginseng, ginger, echinacea, lemongrass, cinnamon, elderflower, linden

Sustainable tea
all ingredients are ethically sourced and teabags are made from plant-based biodegradable material.

免疫力強化に作用するエキナセア、消化を促し身体を温めるジン ジャー(生姜)やレモングラス、集中力を高めるシベリアンジンセンな ど西洋ハーブと生薬7種類を配合。 免疫力を高めたいときや体調を崩しやすい方にもオススメ。

Functional Organic Herbs

Echinacea - known for its immune-boosting properties, echinacea is a powerhouse herb that supports your body's natural defense mechanisms, helping you stay strong and resilient.

Lemongrass - with its bright citrusy aroma, lemongrass brings a refreshing zing to the blend, while also aiding digestion and providing a sense of revitalization.

Linden - known for its soothing qualities, linden contributes to relaxation and tranquility, offering a gentle way to unwind from the stresses of the day.

Ginger - a warming spice renowned for its anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits, ginger adds depth to the blend while nurturing your well-being from within.

Elderflower - delicately fragrant and rich in antioxidants, elderflower promotes detoxification and provides a boost of natural vitality.

Siberian Ginseng - this adaptogenic herb is celebrated for its ability to enhance resilience to stress and fatigue, supporting your body's capacity to adapt to various challenges.

Cinnamon - bringing warmth and a touch of sweetness, cinnamon not only delights the senses but also helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports metabolism.
100% Organic /  Caffeine-free /  No sugar /  No chemicals used /  Made in Japan

How to Drink WHITETREE Tea

▷ You can make 2-3 cups (500ml to 700ml) with each teabag. Try to make the full amount at once instead of reusing the teabag. For example, some customers brew a full flask in the morning to enjoy it throughout the day.

▷ Use 100°C boiling water for better extraction from the herbs.

How to Store WHITETREE Tea

▷ All WHITETREE teas come in teabags

▷ Store in a sealable bag such as a ziploc bag or container to preserve the natural aroma and flavor.

▷ Store in a dark and cool place away from direct sunlight. Storing in the refrigerator is recommended. It is vulnerable to humidity, and flowers tend to fade due to direct sunlight.



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