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FAQs for Herbs/Products?

About Herbs


Q  Where do the herbs in these teas come from?

A  We import the herbs from all over the world. Each herb is grown in the region of the world best suited to it. As we use western and Japanese medical herbalism as a base for designing our teas, many of the herbs are grown in Europe, North America and Japan. Please assure the customer that we only use certified organic herbs from suppliers we know well, use often, and trust completely.


Q  How should the tea be stored?

A  Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping them in a refrigerator is also advised. You can keep them in the original packaging, or if you prefer, keep them in a separate an air-tight container. For extra freshness, place a desiccant sachet inside the sealed container.


Q  When is the expiry date?

A  One year from the day they arrive in store. Dried herbs have quite a long lifespan. The lifespan of dried herbs is approximately 2 years. However, after taking into account the amount of time needed to make and package the herbal teas, we will stamp on the packaging of all teas an expiry date of one year from the day they arrive in the store.


How to Enjoy Herb Tea


Q  How much water should be used for one sachet/bag of tea?

A  Between 200ml and 300ml (basically one cup) of freshly boiled water


Q  What is the best brewing time?

A  5 - to 10 minutes


Q  What is the best way to make the tea?

A  The tea should be made in a pot or tea cup. Use one bag per cup. Boil cold, fresh water, allow the water to cool for a few seconds until it is around 95 . Pour the hot water over the bag, stir and leave to steep according to taste. Do not use water that has been boiled more than once. Recommended brewing time: 5 - 10 minute


Q  How can the tea be brewed for the best possible flavour?

A  Be sure to use cold, fresh water boiled only once. Upon boiling, wait for a few seconds to allow the water to cool to around 95 and pour quickly over the herbs. To keep the tea hot and aid the diffusion of the herbal goodness into the water, we recommend covering the cup with a lid or putting a cloth or pot warmer over the pot. We recommend brewing the tea for at least 5 minutes. All Whitetree herbal blends contain a mixture of different parts of various plants - some are soft such as leaves and some are harder such as dried roots or berries. Three minutes are needed for the goodness in flower leaves to diffuse into the water, while at least five minutes are needed for the harder ingredients such as roots and berries. There is no limit as to how long customers can brew the tea for. The longer the brew the more time the nutrients in each bag will have to diffuse into the water. Keep in mind, however that the longer the brew the stronger the taste. Some herbs have a bitter flavour and these flavours can become quite strong if the tea is brewed for too long. We find 5 - to 10 minutes to give a cup of tea that is balanced in healthful benefit and flavour.


Q  How many times can one tea bag be used and still have beneficial effects?

A  In general we recommend using each bag only once. This is because 90% of the beneficial nutrients are absorbed into the hot water in the first brew. Instead of using even two or three used bags to make a new cup, we still recommend using one fresh bag. Recycled tea bags will not retain much of the original flavor, aroma or health benefits to make the tea really worth drinking. Used herbs can still be of great use however when added to the soil of house or garden plants.


Q  Is the tea able to drunk cold?

A  Yes. Whitetree Herbal teas are delicious even when drunk cold. The ‘Beauty Blend’ is particularly nice in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lemon. Keep in mind that the tea must still have been brewed with freshly boiled water from the start before being cooled.


About Herb Tea for Pregnant


Q  What is the maximum number of sachets of tea a pregnant mother can drink?

A  We recommend between 1 and 3 cups per day as a normal amount however up to four cups is fine. There is no fixed amount recommended quantity but 2 – 3 cups will be sufficient. We do recommend asking the customer to consult their doctor or midwife before drinking large quantities. For petite women of smaller than average body size we would recommend to start drinking just one cup a day and gradually increasing the number according to the results. If the customer has history of drinking tea that will cause bone pain or aching, will this organic tea has the similar effect? While we only use herbs considered to be safe, we always recommend that customers consult with a doctor or a physician before drinking any herbal tea. As with any food, it is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of any ingredients that they are personally unsuited to consuming or are allergic to.


Q  If the pregnant mother is in her 1st trimester is she able to drink 2nd trimester tea?

A  Yes. 1’st trimester and 2nd trimester blends can be drunk throughout the entire pregnancy.


Q  If the pregnant mother is in 1st trimester and 2nd trimester is she able to drink the 3rd trimester tea?

A  No.


Q  If the pregnant mother is in 3rd trimester is she able to drink nursing herb blend?

A  In general, no. However a small quantity should be fine.


Q  Is it safe if the pregnant mother is currently consuming Chinese herbs? (e.g. those in the below table)

A  Herbal tea is basically considered a food, not a medicine. So of course all our herbal teas can be drunk together with other herbal products. But if customers have any specific medical conditions or illnesses they should first consult with their doctor before drinking any Whitetree blend.


Q  What time of day should the tea be drunk? (e.g. morning/night) and should it be drink before or after food?

A  All tea blends can be drunk anytime. However Detox blend is best drunk after meals.


Q  If the pregnant mother is at 24 – 28weeks is she able to start the 3rd trimester tea?

A  In the United States many pregnant women drink herbal teas designed for the third trimester from 24-28 weeks onward. However for safety and peace of mind I recommend starting it from 28-30weeks onward.


Q  If the pregnant mother is at low blood pressure is she able to drink 2nd trimester tea?

A  Yes. This 2nd trimester blend is good for low blood pressure too. Cleavers and Nettle support low blood pressure by helping to clean up and smooth your blood


Q  If the milk flow/ supply are very little does the nursing tea helps?

A  Yes. Nursing tea helps to increase the amount of breast milk. Fennel is very commonly used herb for increasing breast milk quantity


Q  If the milk supply stops after breastfeeding for 2 months will starting to drink the nursing tea help it to restart

A  Very likely, yes. But it will depend on the person. Please try it and see.