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Our herbs

Our ingredients : 


What is Organic?

The label “Organic” is widely applied to various products around the world,but what does it really mean?

Whitetree uses only USDA certified organic ingredients in our herbal blends.

When you see the USDA mark you can rest assured that:

・95%-100% of the raw herbs are organic
(many “certified organic” products may be as low as 75%)

・The soil in which the herbs are grown has been completely free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers for a minium of 3 years

・No genetically modified crops, radiation or sewage sludge fertilizers of any kind are permitted

USDA:United States Department of Agriculture








The aim of the Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification Programme is to ensure fair and positive relations
between producers and their cooperatives or contracting companies, between workers and their employer,
between sellers and buyers on the world market while at the same time ensuring performance of standards.