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Q 1 / What is the benefit to the normal people who are not pregnant for all the pre & postnatal tea?
A 1 / These teas are perfectly safe for non-pregnant people to drink and are full of nutrients and healthful benefits.

Q 2 / Is pregnant mother able to drink the postnatal tea? E.g. Detox
A 2 / Yes. All Whitetree Blends are safe and beneficial.
However, the Calming Blend is generally not recommended for pregnant mothers.
This blend contains Chamomile which might possibly be unsafe for pregnant women if consumed in large amounts.
However, the issue is more about quantity than safety. Actually, there are many foods which are not recommended
for pregnant mothers to consume in very large quantities such as cheese, uncooked salads, garlic, sage and many more.
All of these foods are generally fine to eat while pregnant but not recommended in very large amounts.
The same is true for herbal teas including those with Chamomile.
In general all Whitetree teas are all very safe, gentle and healthful. Please also stress that the tea is extra safe because,
unlike most food only sale today, all ingredients used were grown without chemicals and contain no artificial additives of any kind.
To be sure, we always recommend customers to first consult with their doctor or midwife before drinking any new product or foodstuff.
Detox blend and Beauty Blend are especially recommended for pregnant mothers.

Q 3 / How popular is Whitetree in other countries?
A 3 / Whitetree teas began in Japan at the urging of many of their creator, Megumi’ s friends.
Many people in Japan have enjoyed Whitetree teas.
Furthermore, herbal teas in general are very popular all over the world, especially in Europe and North America
where they have a long tradition of use. They are becoming more and more popular as people begin to realize the drawbacks
of eating the overly synthetic and mass-produced food full of preservatives,
artificial flavours and additives that makes up 90% of all the food on sale in supermarkets.
Whitetree teas are organic, hand made and 100% natural.
There are no artificial chemicals, or additives of any kind in the se tea blends.
Megumi has long studied Western and Japanese medical herbalism and is knowledgeable in the history, uses and benefits of herbs.

Q 4 / How is the beauty, calming & detox tea different from current market which indicate having the same /similar effect?
A 4 / Whitetree herbal blend tea takes a holistic approach to health, focusing on inner health and mental and body balance.
Our blends use cut and chopped herbals, not finely ground powder.

Q 5 / When the customer is able to see the result after drinking the tea e.g. Detox, Beauty? (An average result)
A 5 / Average 1month -3month.
Herbal and natural remedies do not work in the same way as drugs or medicine.
Drugs work by overwhelming the body and forcing an immediate but unnatural change.
Natural remedies strengthen the body’ s natural balance in harmony with the body.
They support the strength that already exists within you and help you perform at your best.
This also means that natural remedies take more time to become effective than drugs do.
We recommend drinking a tea blend 1 to 3 times every day for a month to allow the body to restore its natural balance
and grow in strength. Everyone is different however. Some people may feel or look better in just a few days,
for others it may take a few month before the benefit becomes apparent.

Q 6 / If the customer has gastric problem are they advisable to drink?
A 6 / Yes. We recommend drinking detox blend.

Q 7 / Can the prenatal/postnatal tea be taken with other coffee / tea?
A 7 / Yes. Please remind customers that coffee and black teas contain caffeine which is not recommended for pregnant mothers.
Please recommend Whitetree herbal Blends to them instead during their pregnancy.

Q 8 / Can the prenatal/postnatal tea be taken with other vitamins?
Yes. These teas are not considered as medicine. They can be taken with any other foods or vitamins.
However, some vitamin tablets contain much more of the vitamins than is recommended for pregnant mothers.
Pregnant women should be careful about taking too much iron in the form of supplements, for example.
Whitetree Herbal Blends are an entirely natural source of vitamins and minerals.