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Why Blend Herbs

The Blending of Herbs

The recipes for all WHITETREE herbal teas are created by the founder Megumi, a certified Herbalist herself who has spent years studying medical herbs.

As explained in "The Power of Herbs" and "History of Herbs", each herb has its own unique benefits.

Herbs mainly comprise of flowers, stems, leaves, roots, and seeds. Dried herbs are created by drying the parts of the plants and are densely packed with the benefits of each plant.

As dried herbs are more effective than fresh herbs and the extraction rate of the herbs is highest when using boiling water, drinking herbal tea is one of the best ways to maximise the effects of herbs.

In order to maximise the unique benefits of each herb, WHITETREE has spent years of effort in creating the best herbal blends for you to enjoy, while taking into account the synergistic effect that comes from blending certain types of herbs together as well as the overall taste.

Due to the complexity of the human body, each WHITETREE blend was made while considering numerous different aspects that are relevant to achieving a single purpose. For instance, to improve your skin condition, there are many important factors such as nutritional content, amount of vitamin C, as well as balancing female hormones to prevent skin problems caused by hormonal imbalance and reducing the size of pores physically. We would like to bring to you a revolutionary idea that covers all these different aspects in one drink - WHITETREE organic herbal tea.

WHITETREE's herbal tea is made by certified herbalist Megumi who is part of several herbal associations and has deep herbal knowledge based on both Japanese and British curriculums, be it the benefits of each herb, the best way to make use of each herb, or the combining of different herbs for a synergistic effect which enhances its benefits. WHITETREE herbal blends encompasses the creator’s thoughts and feelings, the life energy of plants, and provide care for our mind and body in a way that is grounded in scientific knowledge.