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[LebeL] TRIE Series (Hair Wax)



The 'TRIE' series from LebeL, which name is derived from 'tri', represents the 3 basic styling points of TRIE:

  • Simple and comfortable to use / 使いやすく
  • Easy to pick: the styling strengths are intuitively categorized into different colors and numbers / 選びやすく
  • Moisture-retaining technology that ensures lasting effect throughout the day after styling / スタイル続く

For impressive movement with three-dimensional look. Contains shea butter which locks moisture of the hair. / シアバター配合のトリートメント効果で、存在感のある動きの立体メイク。伸びが良いため髪になじませやすく、作りこみで髪がつぶれることなく長時間キープ。

For bold movement and definitive look. Strong holding wax that is light without causing the hair to lose volume / 伸びが良いため髪になじませやすく、ハードな動きで強調メイク。セット力があるのに驚くほど軽い仕上がりで、重さで髪がつぶれることなく長時間キープ。

For defined style with strong lifting effect. Ultra-strong holding wax that is light without causing the hair to lose volume / 伸びが良いため髪になじませやすく、ハードな立ち上げしっかりメイク。セット力があるのに驚くほど軽い仕上がりで、重さで髪がつぶれることなく長時間キープ。

How to Drink WHITETREE Tea

▷ You can make 2-3 cups (500ml to 700ml) with each teabag. Try to make the full amount at once instead of reusing the teabag. For example, some customers brew a full flask in the morning to enjoy it throughout the day.

▷ Use 100°C boiling water for better extraction from the herbs.

How to Store WHITETREE Tea

▷ All WHITETREE teas come in teabags

▷ Store in a sealable bag such as a ziploc bag or container to preserve the natural aroma and flavor.

▷ Store in a dark and cool place away from direct sunlight. Storing in the refrigerator is recommended. It is vulnerable to humidity, and flowers tend to fade due to direct sunlight.

[LebeL] TRIE Series (Hair Wax)