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WHITETREE × Adjuvant Re:>>>Cool Bundle Set


WHITETREE × Adjuvant Re:>>>Cool Bundle Set

アジュバン クールシリーズ

Has your hair been feeling flat and dull? Why not consider trying Adjuvant's Re:>>>Series of Shampoos and Treatments for shiny, healthy hair.

髪がパサパサになり、元気がなくなっていませんか? Adjuvant の Re:>>> シリーズのシャンプーとトリートメントを試して、ツヤのある健康な髪をとりもどしましょう。 オリジナルの5 デイズ ハーバル ウェルネス ティーを4つの中から一つお選びいただきお得なセットになります。


Re:>>>Cool by Adjuvant/紫外線などの髪の痛みやパサつきのケア

A refreshed scalp for hair with bounce

A series designed for scalp care, conditions the scalp, the foundation of hair, for soft, voluminous hair.

Recommended hair/scalp types:(カラーやパーマで傷んだ髪、普通肌から乾燥肌用)

  • Dyed hair, permed hair, damaged hair 
  • Normal to dry scalp 

    How to choose the best blend for your hair condition?

    1. Shiny Blend(育毛促進効果があるフィーバーフューを配合で育毛促進)

    The Shiny Blend was created with the health of your hair in mind. It contains feverfew, which has been popular in recent years for improving hair growth and strengthening nails, as well as rosemary and nettle which reduces fatigue and hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. Highly recommended if you looking for targeted benefits exclusive to hair growth.

    Main Herbs

    Rose Hip / Honey Bush / Chamomile / Raspberry Leaf / Rosemary / Feverfew / Nettle / Rose Pink / Red Clover Leaf / Hibiscus / Horsetail / Stevia




    2. Beauty Blend(産前・産後の抜け毛でお悩みの方へ)

    Are you in the pre-natal / post-natal stage of your life? Hormone imbalances can cause hair loss in some people, so if you are facing hair loss problem, try our signature Beauty Blend that contains raspberry leaf which aids in hormonal balance along with 9 other types of western lindens that improves blood circulation around the scalp to support hair growth.

    Main Herbs

    Rose Hip / Hibiscus / Linden / Lemon Balm / Raspberry Leaf / Rose Pink / Orange Peel / Lavender / Stevia



    3. Circulation Blend(頭皮の血行を促進し、健やかな髪をサポート)

    As the name suggests, this blend supports blood circulation in the body including the scalp with cleaver as the active ingredient. This blend also contains nettle, which is rich in iron and folic acid which supports healthy cell growth and function, a great combination to prevent hair loss.

    Main Herbs

    Rose Hip / Nettle / Hibiscus / Orange Peel / Elder Berry / Stevia / Cleavers




    4. Energy Blend(免疫力アップや疲労回復、感染症予防にオススメ)

    Stress is widely known as one of the top factors contributing to hair loss. The Energy Blend contains Siberian ginseng which reduces fatigue, improves sleep quality, and improves blood circulation. Pairing that with echinacea which is an antioxidant that also boosts immunity. If you are feeling stressed most of the time, try the energy blend!

    Main Herbs

    Echinacea / Lemon Grass / Linden / Ginger / Elder Flower / Siberian Ginseng / Cinnamon


    How to Drink WHITETREE Tea

    ▷ You can make 2-3 cups (500ml to 700ml) with each teabag. Try to make the full amount at once instead of reusing the teabag. For example, some customers brew a full flask in the morning to enjoy it throughout the day.

    ▷ Use 100°C boiling water for better extraction from the herbs.

    How to Store WHITETREE Tea

    ▷ All WHITETREE teas come in teabags

    ▷ Store in a sealable bag such as a ziploc bag or container to preserve the natural aroma and flavor.

    ▷ Store in a dark and cool place away from direct sunlight. Storing in the refrigerator is recommended. It is vulnerable to humidity, and flowers tend to fade due to direct sunlight.

    WHITETREE × Adjuvant Re:>>>Cool Bundle Set