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What's Inside The Nursing Blend ?

What's Inside The Nursing Blend?

(It is available here )

In this issue, we would like to introduce WHITETREE's popular blend "Nursing Blend". The blend was chosen as The Official Herbal Tea at Thomson Hospital and the hospital recommends the organic herbal tea to mothers who have just given birth at the hospital. We have received many feedback from our customers that the amount of lactation has increased and they also feel safe drinking the tea because of the Organic, Non-chemical, Non-Caffeine, Non-Sugar Ingredients. It is a recommended blend for mothers who are breastfeeding after childbirth.

The blend's ingredients have been selected very carefully by our Herbalist and All of the Ingredients are Organic.
 Fenugreek, Fennel, Nettle, Honey Bush, Raspberry Leaf, Rose Pink, and Calendula are used in the blend. All the herbs used have excellent effects! We will introduce some of them here:

· Nettle is rich in iron and other important mineral nutrients lost during breastfeeding and help to heal fatigue.
· Fennel has been shown by research to gently stimulate breast milk production, increasing the amount of breast milk. It is also famous for digestion support. It helps digestion of babies through breast milk and helps relieve the symptoms of colic.
· Fenugreek is also known as "Mother 's Herb"  and it helps with the increase of breast milk amount. The herb has been used for a long time by women post delivery & lactating. It is rich in nutrition such as protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The blend is perfect for a gift as well!
* WHITETREE Nursing Blend is not only for breastfeeding mother, but the blend also has a bust-up effect so is recommended for women, in general, ♪

It is available here 


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