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International Women's Day Workshop 6 March 2021

(Register by 3rd March) (シンガポール国内限定の商品) *For the bring-a-friend promotion, the price will be discounted upon adding the items to the cart. If signing up together with 1 friend, you will see the discounted price of $250 in the cart. Tea Blending x Floral Arrangement Join us for some tea blending...

Apothecary #2 Herbal Teas for Mommies

WHITETREE corporate

Lypo-C - The Latest Hype in Japan!

Everyone's favourite Vitamin C supplement. The Latest Hype in Japan! Recently everyone young and old in Japan is talking about Lypo-C. Japanese housewives are finding it a great way of keeping good health and staying beautiful, with even famous Japanese models recommending it. Not only is it convenient and simple to consume, Lypo-C is just way more...

♡New and Improved Shipping Fees♡

We have been offering free shipping for the past months in light of the coronavirus situation, but unfortunately shipping fees have returned. However, we have decided to revise the previous shipping fees to new and improved rates, starting this week (13/07/2020)!   This is what it was like before the...

20% Discount for WHITETREE Lactation Tea!

Don't miss this discount ♡ Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, and you’re likely experiencing some difficulties, but you’re not alone!Your baby will have enough milk and have a good sleep, all while you’re enjoying our Nursing Mother Blend. Get your trial pack for only $4! (after discount) ❤   How does WHITETREE Lactation Tea...

How WHITETREE Lactation Tea works? Try Free sample

The Best Lactation Tea , Must Try Free sample Get Free Sample ! How WHITETREE Lactation Tea works? Before drink 450ml → After drink , It's going to around 1000ml Better sleep & health for your baby ♡ for Breast feeder / Post-delivery / Bust up / Anti-aging / Woman's...

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Thank you for using our tea♡   We are continuing item shipping after 7th Apr.  However  it  may take  few more days as usual due to COVID-19. W would appreciate your understanding          

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★FREE SHIPPING★ for any purchase to support your telework & shopping      Hope stay safe with your loved one      Enjoy staying  at home and hope we will  make your relaxing  time ♡        

【ホワイトツリー ワークショップのお知らせ】

  大人気!美容健康にオススメの手作りワークショップのお知らせです。(お子様とのご参加もOK💕) 今回はパーソナルトレーナー青柳さん(REXE)と共同開催✨ 日時:2020年3月26日(木) 11:00~13:00 受講料:$40(教材費込) 場所:66 east coast road The Flow #03-09  お申し込み:9694-7794(WhatsAppとSMS日本語可)🌿 ー 第1部 ー 【メディカルハーブブレンド調合レシピ作りクラス】By.WHITETREEメディカルハーバリストが教えるメディカルハーブ調合クラスのご案内です🌿   ①薬と自然療法の違い②薬草の効果効能③6種類の西洋メディカルハーブ④レシピ作りご自身で和漢生薬や西洋ハーブの調合が出来るようにレシピを作ります。 ー 第2部 ー 【腸によい食事、悪い食事】 By .REXE  腸活セミナー番外編!腸の活動のお話をさせていただきながら 食品一覧表を用いて身近な食品を例に上げ 腸によい食事とあまり良くない食事を解説します✨ WHITETREEのオリジナルブレンドセミナーは 通常クリニックドクターと一緒に ローカルの方向けにイベントを開催していますが 今回はみなさんと一緒にリラックスしながら ワイワイ楽しく進めていきたいなと思っています。 アレルギーの子供さんへ、ご自身の美容用などハーブブレンドを 作ることが出来るので毎回人気のクラス✨  是非、遊びに来てくださいね(^^)    

#1CupforWomen Campaign

Supporting Rohingya Host-Community Women 3月8日は国際女性デー(International Women’s Day) #IWD2020 #EachforEqual です。2月26日~3月8日(国際女性デー)~5月10日(母の日)の期間「自分を大切しにながら、国を越えて誰かを支える」をコンセプトにお茶を通してバングラデシュにいる女性達を支えるキャンペーンを実施します。#ジェンダー平等 #SDGs5 3/8 is International Women’s Day. This years’ theme is #IWD2020 and #EachforEqual. With the concept of “Care for yourself. Go out into the world. Care for others.” between 2/26~3/8 (International Women’s Day) ~5/10 (Mother’s Day) WHITETREE Pte. will hold a campaign to support...

What's Inside The Nursing Blend ?

What's Inside The Nursing Blend? (It is available here ) In this issue, we would like to introduce WHITETREE's popular blend "Nursing Blend". The blend was chosen as The Official Herbal Tea at Thomson Hospital and the hospital recommends the organic herbal tea to mothers who have just given birth at the hospital. We have received many feedback...

WHITETREE Organic Herbal Tea is now an official partner of Thomson Hospital !

The hospital’s new loyalty programme “Celebrating Life “ is launching and this is their launching family event.Non-members are welcome too! There will be bouncy castles, interactive carnival games, cooking demo (WHITETREE is making a herbal juice too!) and other activities as well. We are participating the event in a booth...


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  Thank you for waiting to open our whitetree website.  ホワイトツリーのウェブサイトオープンを心待ちにしていてくれた皆さん、待っていてくれて、本当にありがとうございます。シンプルですが、遂にウェブストアがオープンしました。 宜しくお願い致します。